Proleit: The future of African Manufacturing industry

Africa is continent rich I raw materials. Making it a continent with high opportunity for growth. However, for the continent to take the next step, it needs a robust industrial sector which can take advantage of its raw materials. It is projected by experts that the manufacturing industry would reach about 660billions in 2030. But to get the best potential out of the manufacturing industry, we need the right tools and software that can get the best out of our plants and factories. This is where Proleit come in. Proleit provides top-notch solutions for industrial automation, process control technology and manufacturing executive systems (MES). Proleits is present in more than 110 countries and is constantly expanding in Africa. Proleit systems are already being used in Egypt, Nigeria, Cameroon, Rwanda, South Africa, Namibia, Ghana and many other African countries.  Where they bring main two Products which are Brewmaxx and plant IT to the African market:


Brewmaxx is a PLC-based control system that is employed in breweries in areas of automation,information and control technology. Processes can be continuously controlled and inspected with brewmaxx from production data acquisition to process control technology to liquid handling. It can be used for full or partial automation of a brewery. A number of pre-assembled production, batch, and consumption reports are available as standard. These reports are generated in excel(.csv) format and can be further analyzed easily. Over 60 Heineken breweries in and out of Africa trust Brewmaxx process control system. 



Brewmaxx in Africa


Plant IT is a modular system built by Proleit which has been in operation for more than 30 years. It operates in the areas of automation, information and control technology. From operating data acquisition, process control technology, liquid handling and batch system. Plant IT seamless integrates with ERP systems, producing reports also in excel formats. Plant IT is widely used in all parts of Africa. With heavy presence in South Africa. 

Plant IT in Africa

What are the advantages for African Companies using Proleit products?

  1. The compiler-less system architecture of Proleit systems (Plant IT and Brewmaxx) allows maximum flexibility for alterations during operations. ProLeit products offer the African manufacturing industries the most uncomplicated and easiest way to automate their production processes.
  2. ProLeit products come with a huge system range which makes the proleit systems customizable to your needs. Any component you require can easy be added according to your needs. This makes the product highly adapted to your production needs.
  3. Proleit Products are based on SQL (structure query language) and Windows (Microsoft operating system). These technologies are used widely in Africa and thus makes Proleit products flexibility, transparency and investment protection. Also, this make Proleit products to easily integrate with ERP systems used by most cooperations in Africa.
  4. With Proleit products you get the edge over competitors due to the automation of your production process and competitive prices. The high-quality software helps in detecting faults and improving processes.
  5. New Operators can learn how to use Proleit products in a short space of time. New users are easily up to speed with the software which simplifies management change and flexibility in the team.



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